4checks.com is an online check ordering service that offers over 800 eye-catching check designs. They have themes that range from flowers to collectible cars and more. You can upload your own snapshots to create personal photo checks. We like that you can use up to four personal photographs for added variety.

One of the best places to order checks is 4checks.com in part because of their large design selection. Additionally, they offer numerous options of check formats. The company offers duplicate checks, top-stub checks and side-tear checks. Although they can be pricey, they still have cheap checks compared to what most banks charge.

After you have placed your check order, you can customize your checks. This is where you personalize the lettering style or add logos and monograms. The downside of this ordering method is that you cannot view what customization options you get until after you have chosen a check design.

For personal checks, the service offers everything you need to keep track of your spending and to balance your checkbook. If you do not like duplicate checks, you can order top-stub checks so you can record your spending in the space directly above your check.

You can also use the included check register that comes with each box of checks you purchase. Each box includes 125 checks, one check register and four deposit slips.

Since 4checks.com does not offer business checks, they collaborate with another company called Checks Unlimited. Checks Unlimited provides a wide range of business checks and supplies.

Custom checks from 4checks.com have all of the security specifications required by financial institutions and recommended by the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA). The CPSA is an agency that sets the security standards for members of the check-printing industry.

The company provides a toll-free number and an email address for customer service. The FAQs page covers a wide variety of topics and it is easy to navigate. 4checks.com does not offer a money-back guarantee but they will try to resolve any issues that may arise.

4checks.com Summary:

With a generous design selection and many personalization features, you will find plenty of options with this online check ordering service. However, 4checks.com will refer you to another company if you are looking for business checks.



More than 800 check designs are available from 4checks.com.

The company sends you to another website to order business checks.

The Verdict:

This service provides one of the largest selections of designs for personal checks of any check ordering service we reviewed.