Deluxe is a well-known name in the check printing industry. With this service, you will find security features along with 80 check designs. From kittens to Superman and sports and leisure, it is easy to find a check design to express your style.

Other customization options include logo designs, stylish fonts and monograms. You can even choose background images to show off your alma mater's mascot with pride. However, you cannot choose these design features until you enter your bank account information first. This is frustrating because you cannot shop until you have disclosed your personal information including your bank account number.

Deluxe offers business checks to meet your accounting and payroll needs. Computer checks are compatible with QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quicken or other check software. These professional–looking checks work well for paying large quantities of bills quickly and printing out payroll checks. Customization options are also available so that you can add a company logo for a stylish touch.

The custom checks you order from Deluxe provide more safety features than you get with checks from your bank. When you order checks online, you get security specifications recommended by the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA). The CPSA is an agency that establishes security standards for members of the check-printing industry. Checks that meet the CPSA standards have a padlock icon that represents compliance.

When ordering checks online for your business, you will appreciate this company's high security computer checks. The high security checks are above industry standards and include heat sensitive ink, visible embedded fibers, chemical alteration detection and a watermark. We are impressed with the safety hologram that prevents reproduction with a copy machine or laser printer.

To contact the company for help and support you can use a toll-free telephone number found on the website. You can also contact the company by using the live-chat service. However, when using the chat service we found that instead of answering questions, agents directed us back to the website. In addition, it is not possible to get pricing questions answered.

Deluxe Summary:

Deluxe is a well-known brand in the check-printing industry with a large assortment of check personalization options such as logo designs and custom fonts. In addition, they offer business check features that fulfill your payroll and accounting needs.



Deluxe offers a wide selection of features for personal and business checks including design options and fraud protection.

You cannot shop for customization options and prices until you have entered your personal information including your account number on the website.

The Verdict:

Deluxe offers a good combination of features and a name you can trust. They have attractive designs and security features that cannot be beat.