The Walmart name is synonymous with value and low prices. With 130 check designs and a name you can trust, finding cheap checks online with cool designs is easy through this service. Additionally, they provide an impressive selection of animated and pop-culture designs, including designs featuring Disney and Star Trek characters.

Other customization options Walmart offers includes stock logos and stylish fonts. You can choose these design features during checkout. However, this is inconvenient because you cannot view these options until you have almost completed your order.

We are impressed with Walmart's environmentally friendly custom checks. These eco-friendly checks are printed on recycled paper. The company uses soy instead of petroleum-based inks when printing and steps in the production process reduce toxic waste. In addition to printing eco-friendly checks, the company uses recycled paper when making the check boxes.

When you buy checks online from Walmart, you get 150 checks per box. On average, Walmart gives you 25 more checks per box than most competitors, which can save you money.

Walmart offers both computer and manual business checks to meet your accounting and payroll needs. Manual checks allow you to carry your checks wherever you go so you can purchase business items such as office supplies and fuel. Computer checks allow you to print out several checks at a time to pay bills.

Walmart Checks have a padlock icon that represents security features to help protect against fraud. These checks meet the specifications recommended by the Check Payment Association (CPSA). The CPSA is an agency that sets the security standards for members of the check-printing industry. This means Walmart’s checks meet the same safety standards as checks issued by banks.

To contact the company for help and support, you can use a toll-free telephone number found on the website. We found the company’s customer service agents to be knowledgeable and friendly. You can also contact customer support via an email contact form.

Walmart Summary:

Walmart offers an economical selection of custom personal and business checks. Each box of checks contains 150 checks, which is more than most companies offer. Additionally, Walmart is a great option if you are looking for current popular themes.



Walmart Checks offers 150 checks per box, which is more than most comparable services.

You can't view the selection of logos and fonts until you have placed an order.

The Verdict:

Walmart offers current designs with popular themes at a competitive price.